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Ha! Ha! Ha!

Fun and whimsy, the two main ingredients in my work. I want to connect with you and your funny bone while giving you that "aw" moment.

That is some GOOD stuff!

Each piece is treated as though it were my one and only. Every one is special, made with care and attention to detail.

Awwww, doggies! (kitties, too)

A portion of each sale goes to our local animal shelter. Your purchase helps feed the scared little critters awaiting forever homes. 

Thank you for helping me help them.

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crow mug, raven mug,Wiccan Decor, raven mug pottery, crow mug pottery, stoneware crow mug

Dat face! OMG! Watch out! This little cutie is flying right outta my studio and into YOUR heart. Resistance is futile, here she comes. Perfect for the crazy crow lover in your know, the one with crows everywhere! THIS one will be their favorite, it will. 


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They're Raven, about this mug!


HUSKY?!? Why thank you, I DO love a Husky! Dat face! Dat puppy dog face! So cute! And the BEST part about our special pup is, he's maintenance free! As a matter of fact, he'll even hold your drink for YOU, he's a good good boy.



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Crow in the morning,

crow - crow bowl - raven - raven art - Wiccan decor - Wicca bird - bird art

Crow in the evening, Crow at suppertime, This Crow bowl is perfect, perfect at any time.
Set her on the table and let the comments begin. Crow is an amazing, original, hand painted piece of art, she’s beautiful inside and out. Just look at that BLUE! Beautiful, useful and solidly, well made, she will bring satisfaction for years to come. The outside of this item is not glazed, this provides an elevated sensory experience.


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Needle Felting Kit Penny Pig

needle felting kit - cute animal - felting kit - pig - cute pig felting kit

Jump on the crazy, no holds barred bandwagon of Needle Felting! Learn how with this easy, fun filled kit. You will learn the fundamentals of this wonderful, 3D art form. 

All you need is included.
This is for the KIT ONLY!

No figure is included.

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Needle Felting Kit "Mousikins"

needle felting - needle felted mouse - cute animal felting kit

Come join the fun and exciting craze of needle felting! Make your own little Pocket Mouse with this kit. Includes felting needles, foam pad, wool roving and instructions. 

This is for the KIT ONLY! 

No figure is included.


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Needle Felting Kit Alice the Unicorn

unicorn figure  needle felting kit  how to needle felt  needle felt unicorn

Make your own fun with my Alice the Unicorn needle felting kit. Included are the "tools of the trade" to help you turn beautifully hand dyed wool fibers into a precious little friend who can go with you wherever your adventures take you.

This is for the kit only, 

NO figure is included. 


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Dancing Goat!

dancing goat mug - cute animal mug - funny goat mug - coffee goat mug - coffee goat

Giving credit where it is due! Thank the goats! According to legend, goats’ joyous dervish let humans onto the secret...COFFEE makes you HAPPY!! 

Oh, yeah it does! 

Whimsy, JOY, an adorable goat and COFFEE, all on one fine coffee mug. Fill it with coffee and HOLY Moly, you may cross the threshold to heaven. 

Can you stand it?!? 


plus shipping


Some Bunny Loves YOU!

Rabbit mug - cute rabbit mug - funny animal mug - cute animal mug - funny bunny mug

Rabbit lovers rejoice!!! One look at that sweet face and you’ll have 


in your life? 

Whimsy, JOY, adorable bunny and happiness! all on 

one fine coffee mug. 

GO AHEAD snuggle down with this sweet, silly bunny…she’s ready to share your anytime adventure. 


plus shipping



kitty cup - cute cat mug - cat tea mug - funny animal mug - cat coffee mug

Purr-fect! Oh, you know it! Purrfect in every way! This sweet Kit-Tea cup will leave you purring with satisfaction. The large capacity will have you sipping your tea just that much longer and that little button on the back of this cup? that’s a string catch. Wrap that tea bag string and forgetaboutit!! Oh YEAH!

The outside of this item is not glazed, this provides an elevated sensory experience.


plus shipping


Meow Mug!?

cute cat mug - cat mug - meow mug - funny animal mug - cat tea mug - cat coffee mug - cat face mug

Oh yeah, you read that right. This sweet thing is a mug and a happy greeting all in one!

Purrfect in every way! This sweet meow-kitty will have you purring with satisfaction. She’s a boon companion for any morning endeavor. 


plus shipping


Leapin' SHEEP!

sheep mug - funny sheep mug - silly sheep - leaping lambs - funny animal mug - cute animal mug

Silly SHEEP! Don’t they know they can’t fly?!?  They’re so happy, they'll deposit their joy all across the landscape! 

(jk, but they will deposit a smile 

on your morning routine!)


plus shipping


BEE Mine Bee mug

bee mug - cute bee mug - funny animal mug - valentine's day gift mug

Bees, we are sunk without them. We rely upon them to pollinate the very food we eat and the flowers we enjoy. They are SO cute and totally necessary to our every day life. Look at this bee-yoo-tee-ful BEE! Sweet Bee asks the burning question: "Will You Bee Mine?" 


plus shipping


Dances With Wools


a fiber animal, fantasy coloring book

My response to the question: "Where are ALL the fiber animal coloring books?!?" Get em while they're HOT! 

$9.95 + Shipping

5.5% Sales tax charged in State of Maine.

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here's a peek

from alpaca...


As a fiber and print artist i am continuously seeking ways to combine my favorite mediums. This coloring book is a result of many hours of creativity, contemplation, and dedicated work. fox...


All original hand drawn images adorn the pages of this delightful coloring book. Not your average fluffy sheep book.

This is the perfect gift for the fiber artist on your gift list. yak


Many of the the animals included in my book are not strictly considered "fiber" animals but man, oh man, would I love to get my hands on their fiber! 


 Plus shipping 

5.5% Sales tax charged in State of Maine.

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Upcoming Shows

Fryeburg Fair


The first week of October is always a special time. 

Fair week brings fresh, ripe apples, 

crisp cool mornings and 


We'll see you there, 9 to 9, Sunday thru Sunday.

Fiber Festival of New England


November 3rd and 4th, 

in Springfield Mass. 

This happens at the BIG E fairgrounds. 

Amazing fiber artists 

share their wonderful work. 

My location at this show 

has changed, I'm much closer to the front! YAY! 

This is a Christmas shopping extravaganza. 

Art on the Hill


This is a full on ART/CRAFT show, with over 100 artists and just about every kind of gift to please any taste. 

East End Community School in Portland, Maine is the happening place. This three day show is NOT to be missed. November 30, December 1st & 2nd

Schedule Fluidity


These are my dates for 2019. They are set but changes may happen. Check back often and I'll post on any changes as they happen. I hope to see you soon.

Felting a Fish (the wet way) Part 1

Felting a Fish part 2

Felting a Fish part 3

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